Philly Archbishop Speaks on Pope's Retirement

Chaput: '[Benedict's] stepping down ... is another sign of his placing the needs of the Church above his own.'

Calling him a servant with “intelligence, eloquence and … self-sacrifice,” Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput honored Pope Benedict XVI in a statement on Monday.

Benedict announced his plans to resign his station Monday morning, citing fading strength and demands of the job for his decision to step down.

"From his work as a young theologian at Vatican II to his ministry as universal pastor of the Church, Joseph Ratzinger has served God and the global Christian community with intelligence, eloquence and extraordinary self-sacrifice,” Chaput said in a statement.

 “As Pope Benedict XVI, he has led God's people through complicated times with uncommon grace, and his stepping down now, at 85, from the burdens of his office is another sign of his placing the needs of the Church above his own,” he said. “Catholics worldwide owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. He will remain in our hearts and always be in our prayers."

Benedict’s decision to step down marks the first time a Roman Catholic pope has resigned in nearly 600 years.

ES February 12, 2013 at 11:32 PM
As demonstrated above, bigotry is alive and well on the main line. Cherry picking unsubstantiated accusations off the internet to bash the Pope must make you feel really wise. Since you seem to hate the Catholic Church so much, why do you bother to waste your time, and ours, pursuing and commenting on articles that shouldn't even concern you. if you want to get abortions, have a gay marriage or have female priests, there are plenty of denominations to suit your fancy.
Randeroid February 13, 2013 at 03:32 AM
The katholic church should pay taxes, stop supporting crimes, and quit interfering with our government and our freedoms.
Randeroid February 13, 2013 at 03:37 AM
He should go before The Hague. The katholic church is a 50-billion dollar corporation that does not care about you--as evidenced by how much they cared about child rape. They only care about getting your retirement money.
Randeroid February 13, 2013 at 03:45 AM
We care because we want justice for raped children. We want the katholic church to stop interfering with our lives and our laws. We want them to pay their taxes. Make that happen and while you are wasting your time on that, think about those children being fondled by priests. Makes proud doesn't it.
Richard Weisgrau February 13, 2013 at 03:54 AM
You are against pro choice advocates, gays and lesbians, female religious equality, and people who have an opinion different from yours, whom you call bigots. Based upon the things you oppose I'd say we know who the real bigot is.


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