Pics: Sandy Hits Abington

Check out – and upload you own – photos of the impact Hurricane Sandy is having on Abington.


If you have interesting photos of what's happening in Abington, upload them to this article, or email them to mischa.arnosky@patch.com. 



Paul Mamolou said he hopes the flood mitigation projects that were recently performed in Roslyn hold up.

Ricci Konczyk October 30, 2012 at 06:35 PM
I have to say...we live right behind the firehouse in Roslyn and I was up every two hours last night to check on our sump pump. During the last storm we got a lot of water because we lost power and we were manually dumping water out of our pit into the sink. This storm, the pit was bone dry...to the point that whatever water was in there in the past has all dried up!!! All we had in there was DUST! Whatever they did for 3 months during the summer on Susquehanna seems to have made it nice and dry here. It was well worth the detour from how I see it, especially since this time our power was out for 16 hours as oppesed to the 6 hours last time.


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