Want to Get Into Show Biz? Casting 6-60+

Footlighters Theater in Berwyn is looking for young (and older adult) actors for an upcoming production.

Footlighters Theater in Berwyn is holding open audition tonight (Tuesday) and Thursday for its upcoming production of the fabled Broadway musical Oliver!

As described on the theater's website the show features many well-known songs. Food, Glorious Food, I’d Do Anything, Where is Love?, Consider Yourself, As Long As He Needs Me, Who Will Buy and Reviewing the Situation are musical theatre classics.

Charles Dickens’ characters are brought to life-perhaps larger than life-with all their facets glowing in this production.

Here's who they are looking for for this production:

Cast of Characters (*Principal Vocal Parts) 

*1. Oliver Twist – a workhouse boy about 13 yrs of age

*2. Mr. Bumble – The Beadle – A large pompous man of age 55

*3. Widow Corney – A Sharp Tongued, domineering widow of age 50- Workhouse Mistress

4. Noah Claypole – The Undertaker’s Apprentice (age 17-20)

*5. Mr. Sowerberry – The Undertaker (late 40s+)

*6. Mrs. Sowerberry – His Overseer (late 40s+)

7. Charlotte – Their sluttish young daughter (age 17-20)

*8. Artful Dodger – Fagin’s brightest pupil (an undersized 18 years)

*9. Fagin – An elderly receiver – runs training academy for young pickpockets (late 30s-mid 40s)

*10. Nancy – 23-30 years old – a graduate of Fagin’s academy, and Bill’s doxy

11. Charles Bates, a boy in Fagins Establishment ( age 15-18)

*12. Bet – a lass in Fagin’s establishment – idolizes Nancy. (age 13 -23)

13. Old Sally – A pauper (age 40+)

14. Old Lady – (age 50+)

*15. Bill Sykes – A villain in his prime (age 23-30)

*16. Mrs. Bedwin – The Brownlows Housekeeper (age 35+)

17. Mr. Brownlow – An old gentleman of wealth and breeding ( 50+)

18. Dr Grimwig – a Doctor (age 45+)

Orphan Boys – ages 6-18 (Boys and girls encouraged to audition)

Fagin Boys – 6-18 (Boys and girls encouraged to audition)

Chorus of Workhouse Assistants: Bow Street Runners: Street Vendors* (criers) and Crowd – (ages 6-60+)

Details of what to prepare for the audtions, which will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10pm at the theater (on Main Street in Berwyn, across from St. Monica's Church) are available here on the Footlighter's website.


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