Blog: Resolutions

A life coach shares a few tips to help you set and work your resolutions.

As the New Year approaches many of us will be creating resolutions. We look at where we have been and where we want to go setting goals to get us along the way. But many resolutions, no matter how serious, are are short-lived. Here are some ways to help you set a resolution and keep it until you obtain your goal.

1) Do not bite off too much. If you want to resolve four things, work on each independently. Set a date on your calendar to address another resolution, perhaps you quit smoking in January and in March you start a walking program.

2) Do something that is possible. Let's say you choose to learn how to fly an airplane. Do not set your goal to fly a jet bomber around the world by the end of the year. Setting a goal such as getting a private pilot's license by the end of the year is more within reason.

3) Do not hesitate to do some research and gain some knowledge on your target resolution. Maybe it is setting a resolution to investigate what it would take to get the pilot's license.

4) Break things up into doable pieces. As the saying goes, Rome was not conquered in a day. Determine the smallest pieces that need to be done to accomplish the task. Commit to completing one of the smaller pieces both to get the project started and also to feel the first level of accomplishment.

5) Don't be afraid to get help. So many of the things we want to change about ourselves are difficult and shouldn't be accomplished alone.

6) Make it something you want in your life, not some change that another chooses for you. You will fail and even sabotage yourself if you don't want this change in your life.

7) Don't do it for yourself. Set up a motivation factor that you are doing it to honor someone else and you'll have more success. We tend to give up on things we do for ourselves quicker than if we are doing it for a loved one. Personally my greatest goals such as running a triathlon or hiking a trail have been done for God. If you believe in God, you might want to try this motivational technique.  

8) Remember to be good to yourself. Some of the resolutions that are often missed is to learn to love yourself more or take the time to relax. One of my favorite resolutions was to not take on any new project for the year, it allowed me to clear my current backlog of tasks and to ultimately get a great vacation scheduled. Don't be ashamed to ask the question if this resolution really is for your benefit.

9) If you repeat the same resolution every year and it lasts for only 14-20 days get some support to make it last longer. It sounds like you are trying to form a new habit and the body is reverting back to the old habit as is our nature.  

This is where a life coach can come in handy, we are all about change. We help you set goals, set a plan and keep you motivated on sticking to the plan. We become your accountability partner and help with a second pair of eyes for what you are doing. Also most of us life coaches are encouragers. 

So with that I would like to encourage you to enjoy your New Year's holiday and wish you all happy resolutioning.

Linda Bender is a metaphysical doctor trained as a medical intuitive. She uses over 20 life coaching and touch therapy techniques from Reiki to personal training to help you reduce stress and pain so your body invokes its natural healing ability. She is at on Church Street in Phoenixville. See www.BenderHealing.com or call 800-706-1354 for more information.

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