2013 Dogwood Parade Trophy Winners

See if your favorite parade participants won a trophy at the 2013 Dogwood Festival Parade.


The parade went off without a hitch and wrapped up just before the rains came. Not all the trophy winners stuck around in the pouring rain to accept their trophies, but many did.

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These are the 2013 Dogwood Festival Parade Trophy Winners:


  1. Phoenix Karate
  2. PAL Wrestling
  3. Cuong Nhu Karate


  1. Rock and Roll After School
  2. Phoenixville Area High School
  3. Phoenixville Middle School


  1. 1956 Thunderbird
  2. Billy McCarron
  3. J. Coors 47 International Truck


  1. Firebird Children's Theater
  2. Zumba with Donna
  3. Kimberton Dance Academy


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