4 Year Old Wins Huge Lawsuit Against Former Hospital Nurses, Reports Say

A Chester County jury has awarded $32.8 million to a four year old whose lawyers say was severely injured at birth.

The Philadelphia Business Journal Reports a jury made the award Friday after a two week trial in which lawyers for the family of Lillian Proffitt,4, claimed that the nurses failed to alert doctors to a serious problem with the baby's dropping heart rate before it was too late. The suit claimed that the untreated condition led to be child ring developing spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, according to the report.

A report on Philly.com says the jury found a third nurse and the hospital were not to blame for the baby's injuries.

The Philly.com report quotes the child's mother as saying the $32.8M judgement will be used to meet the girl's medical and special educational needs for the rest of her life.


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