Dunkin' Donuts was Shut Down for Wastewater Issue, Health Dept. Reports

The shop was closed by the county on Feb. 11 before reopening the next afternoon.

Dunkin’ Donuts was shut down last week because wastewater from one of the breakfast shop’s sinks was overflowing, according to a food inspection report the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture posted on its website.

The shop, which had seven additional violations, was shut down on February 11 by the Chester County Health Department due to the violation, before reopening the afternoon of February 12.

Below is the full report.

Dunkin’ Donuts

123 Nutt Road, Phoenixville

Date of Inspection: February 11

Result: Out of Compliance


  • Cold Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods

Delfield refrigeration unit to the left of the bain marie was measured at 54 degrees F. Three containers of cream cheese were measured at 53 degrees F each. Potentially hazardous foods stored in the unit were voluntarily discarded on-site. Repair or remove/replace the unit by February 15, 2013; do not use the refrigerator in the meantime.

  • Accuracy of Temperature Measuring Devices for Ambient Air and Water

The under-counter Delfield refrigerator closest to the restrooms is lacking a thermometer. A thermometer must be provided in each refrigerator so temperatures may be monitored.

  • Manual Warewashing Sink Compartment Requirements

The floor sink that receives wastewater from the three-compartment sink was observed filled to the top and surrounding floor was wet. The compartments in the sink were filled with dirty water, as the compartments cannot be drained without overflowing onto the floor. Therefore, warewashing cannot be conducted at the facility. In addition, plumbing and waste water systems shall be maintained in good repair and functional pursuant to Food Code 46.825(e) and 46.863. Refer to accompanying Cease and Desist order.

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  • Plumbing Facilities in Good Repair, Cross Connection Prohibited, Scheduled Inspections, Cleaning Water Reservoirs

Excessive ice build-up observed at the fan in the walk-in freezer (being caught on tray). Plumbing systems (for condensation) shall be maintained in good repair.

  • Disposal of Sewage and Non-sewage Liquid Waste

See violation Manual Warewashing Sink Compartment Requirements for details.

  • Light Bulb Protective Shielding

Light shield missing from fluorescent light fixture near the bain marie/microwave.

  • Repair & Cleaning Various Premises, Structures, Attachments & Fixtures

The following locations need cleaning: a. inside the microwave; and b. HVAC vent near the bain marie/microwave.

  • Certified Food Manager

It is understood that Mary Weis is no longer employed at the facility. Therefore, no CCHD Certified Food Manager is employed as a full-time employee. CCHD Code §303.1 and §303.2 The certificate issued to the Certified Food Manager by the Licensor shall be posted in view of the consumer in the food facility in which the Certified Food Manager is employed and working as a regular, full-time position. If an existing employee is to become certified, the employee must choose one of the following two methods to obtain certification: Approved Course: An employee must first enroll in an approved course in food handling. Proof of this enrollment must be given to this Department within twenty days of receipt of this notice. Coursework must be successfully completed and an application for certification submitted within ninety days of receipt of this notice. Please see the list of courses (and additional CCHD CFM information) online at www.chesco.org/food under the Certified Food Manager heading. Reciprocity: The Department will consider granting certification to an employee who has recently had formal training in a program having similar curricula to that of the certification course(s) approved by this Department. The employee must submit the necessary information for review within twenty days of receipt of this notice, and if approved, must submit an application for certification within ninety days or receipt of this notice. For more information on this option, please request a copy of the Reciprocity Requirements for the Food Service Manager/Operators Certification Program. A new employee, already certified as a CCHD CFM may be hired provided the individual is employed within ten days of receipt of this notice, and provided that the individual hired begins work in this Public Food Service Facility within ninety days of receipt of this notice.

harry finster February 19, 2013 at 08:54 PM
You're a good man Dead Horse Beater. I can only think of PACS on the corner of Church and Gay but if you have a favorite then I'm sure they would also love any donation you provide. Since you're such a good sport I'll donate to PACS myself just to keep in the spirit.
harry finster February 19, 2013 at 09:32 PM
that is dumbass, pedophile, fred
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