Iced by Betsy Sweetens KenCrest Fundraiser

Iced by Betsy joined a number of restaurants and eateries to support the cause.

From charming farmers' markets to classy banquet halls, Betsy Gibbons takes her pastries everywhere to show the world. Gibbons’ business, Iced by Betsy, was in good hands as King of Prussia was the place to be Thursday night while KenCrest held its signature fundraiser Flavors of the Community at Dolce Hotels and Resorts at Valley Forge.

You can find Iced by Betsy cupcakes at Artisan's Cafe and Gallery on Bridge Street, and the cupcakes are regulars at the Phoenixville Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings.

“It’s great to have people come out to have our cupcakes, but at the same time see them enjoy such a great charity,” explained Gibbons, as her husband, Ross, continued conversing and serving behind her.

KenCrest, now in its 106th year, is a homegrown organization currently led by CEO Bill Nolan, serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities all across the region. For all ages, KenCrest offers its in-demand services across all spectrums of society from at-home services for autistic toddlers to the elderly in need of living assistance. Although KenCrest peppers the region with 28 offices, including 12 in Philadelphia and one in Connecticut, they spread their work to over 350 different locations across the region in households, community homes and preschools.  

Flavors of the Community, with a minimum donation of $50, granted guests the chance to treat their taste buds to a world of different foods, beers and wines and take part in raffles as their donations went directly to KenCrest so they can continue their work.

“Seeing the support and unity of employees, donors, sponsors, friends and family of KenCrest is magical,” said Marisa Leuzzi, manager of donor relations for KenCrest. “We have 25 vendors this year so it gives us a chance to participate with the community while having a successful and unique event. Seeing so many people come out to show their support just means a lot to us.”

The 25 vendors were spread out across the banquet hall of the hotel, separated into sections marked off by signs of their respective counties and townships.

Iced by Betsy was busy much of the night as Gibbons’ unique cupcakes were the perfect dessert after feasting on an endless amount of cuisines. Starting in Atlanta then moving to the Philadelphia suburbs, Iced by Betsy is run primarily out of farmers' markets across the suburbs.

“We sell at a few local farmers' markets and one of our frequent customers is on the board with KenCrest and her daughter has autism,” explain Gibbons, “so it's really wonderful to support the cause.”

Though only serving a small variety of cupcakes at the fundraiser, Iced by Betsy has an archive of well over 100 cupcakes. The selection at the event included Betsy’s Pure Cupcake, the traditional white cake with vanilla icing and the PB and C Cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter icing with a Reese’s Cup stuck in the top.

Iced by Besty was of a few places selling sweets among an endless selection of foods. The other eatery from the Phoenixville area was Sly Fox Brewery.

All of the restaurants involved in the event were solicited by KenCrest and many have long-standing relationships with KenCrest, including Gibbons.

Erin Marie September 16, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Love Betsy's cupcakes!! Best I've ever had!
Chris Odorisio September 18, 2011 at 07:42 PM
My husband and I attended this event and were happy to see Phoenixville represented. The event seemed successful, and Betsy's cupcakes were divine!


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