Pennsylvania Farm Show by the Numbers

Check out highlights and statistics from the record-breaking 2012 PA Farm Show.

HARRISBURG-The 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show, which started Jan. 7 and wrapped up on Saturday, drew record crowds and was the largest indoor agricultural event in the U.S.

The event featured roughly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits and 300 commercial exhibitors.

Nearly 70,000 vehicles were parked in Farm Show lots throughout the week—that's a 22 percent increase over last year.

The show began with the unveiling of a 1000-pound , crafted by Jim Victor of Conshohocken, Montgomery County.

Due to record attendance, almost every ran out of supplies during the week.

Here's a breakdown of food folks bought at the show:

• The Pennsylvania State Horticulture Association sold 8,400 apple dumplings, 60 bushels of apples and 3,500 gallons of apple cider.

• The Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association used 14,000 gallons of milkshake mix, sold more than 6,000 grilled cheese sandwiches and 6,000 pounds of Mozzarella cheese.

• The Pennsylvania Livestock Association sold more than 35,150 barbecue, roast beef, sausage, hot dog and meatball sandwiches, 2,500 cups of lamb stew and 500 steak and ham salads.

• PennAg Industries sold more than 24,000 sandwiches with 6,000 of those being dinners, including 11,000 fish sandwiches. They sold more than 14,000 chicken breast sandwiches, 33,500 chicken nuggets, 2,000 whoopie pies and 3,480 sticky buns.

• The Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Producers sold more than 5,000 bags of maple cotton candy and 550 gallons of maple syrup.

• The Pennsylvania Future Farmers Of America Association sold more than 14,000 slices of pizza.

• The Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers sold 11,000 Strawberry Surprise drinks, 6,600 pounds of onions, 3,400 salads, 600 veggie wraps, 8,400 bowls of soup and 2,000 pickles.

• The Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association Booth used 5,040 eggs to make their breakfast sandwiches.

• The Pennsylvania Mushroom Growers Cooperative sold more than 7,000 pounds of mushrooms.

• The Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association sold more than 750 gallons of honey ice cream and 6,800 pounds of honey between their booths in the Food Court and Main Hall, and used 670 pounds of waffle mix.

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