In Case You Missed It...

A rundown of the biggest stories of the past week.

There was, as usual, a lot going on in and around the borough this week. Here’s a look at the biggest stories on Phoenixville Patch in the last seven days. From Hurricanes to holiday halts, here are six scoops you might have missed.

Storm Expected to Zigzag Inland

Storm of the century? Maybe, say weather forecasters. Hurricane Sandy is expected to begin wreaking havoc in our area on Monday.

Phoenixville Area School District Bans Halloween

Though the decision was made before the school year began, Phoenixville superintendent Alan Fegley made waves when he announced at a recent school board meeting that the district’s elementary schools would no longer celebrate Halloween.

West End Fire Co. Says Council Compromised Safety of Residents

In response to the borough council’s decision to shop for a new EMS provider, the West End Fire Company penned a 1,600 word letter criticizing the choice and questioning the council’s motives and competence.

A local man is in trouble after police say he beat his wife after she attempted to intervene in an apparent shouting match he was having with her mother.

Saanvi Venna's Body Found

The body of Saanvi Venna, a ten-month-old King of Prussia infant who had been abducted on Monday following the murder of her grandmother was found on Friday.

Phoenixville Man Fears for Safety After Anti-Semitic Vandalism

A Phoenixville man who’s been the victim of anti-Semitic harassment for four months—he suspects a former romantic rival is the culprit—had his car vandalized last week.


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