Iron Works Church Exploring Christianity with Free Seminar

'Christianity Explored,' a seven week course, starts on January 16.

Following a Saints and Skeptics debate on December 13 that fleshed out the differences between Christian and secular worldviews, Iron Works Church will continue its unique community engagement strategy with a seven-week seminar called Christianity Explored.

“It’s geared towards people who simply have questions about God, the bible, Christianity,” explained Iron Works pastor Darin Pesnell.

The seminar starts on January 16 and runs on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Franklin Commons Bistro, where Iron Works holds its services.

Pesnell said Christianity Explored is free of charge and, while each session includes a complimentary meal, participants won’t be force-fed religious views.

“The rules are, you’ll never be asked to sing, read aloud, or pray,” Pesnell said.

“And you can ask any question you have about anything pertaining to the bible or Christianity,” he added.

Pesnell said that the church has experimented with the seminar once before and “the questions were all over the map.” A few common themes recurred though.

“I’m interested in Christ, but I have a hard time with suffering,” the pastor said he’s often asked. “I have a hard time following this religion where they say God is good, but there’s so much suffering in the world and so much suffering in my life.”

Christianity Explored, he said, isn’t for people who think they know the answers to these questions. Just for those who are willing to ask.


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