The Year in Review: Weirdest Stories of 2012

We look at some of the strangest stories that happened in Phoenixville this year.

The following strange but true stories happened in Phoenixville in 2012. If there's anything unusual that we missed, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section.

Phoenixville Area School District Bans Halloween

A decision to stop celebrating the holiday in its elementary schools caused some flak to be directed at Phoenixville Area School District.

A lesson: make sure water isn’t coursing through the pipes you attempt to steal.

Police: Man Arrested for Squatting in Vacationing Stranger's House

He was smoking crack, police said.

Police: Oaks Man Forged Signatures to Get Speed Bumps Installed

He really wanted those speed bumps.

You've Got Mail...And It's Weed

An area man was arrested after police say he had a package of pot delivered to his parents' Charlestown Township home.

Kids' Argument Precipitates Mom-on-Mom Crime

Police say that, in order to settle a playground score, a woman walked into another woman's apartment, attacked her, attacked her husband, and threw a chair at her mother.

When police found Terrence Branch, he was still eating the blueberries.

First rule of burglary: know who you’re burglarizing.

Walker Stolen from Handicapped Woman

A pink walker was stolen from a house on Chestnut Drive on June 12.


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