Then and Now: Answer Edition

We reveal the answer to last week's photo challenge.

Phoenixville residents sure know the borough. Last week's edition of Then and Now, our weekly photo quiz, got a typically tremendous response, but the quickest to the draw was Patch user Maureen. 

Below, courtesy of the fine folks over at the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area, is the answer:

Demolition of the 2nd Mt. Clare Bridge. In 1996 a contract was let to replace an older 1916 bridge. Many designdecisions were based on the requirement to keep the closure of State Route 29 to a minimum. The project was kept to a short time line by reusing the existing bridge foundations, using steel girders, and an incentive clause in the contract. The new bridge opened in 1997. The new bridge was the first in Pennsylvania to include "shock transmission units", an earthquake damage mitigation technology. (This information was obtained from Wikipedia)


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