Limerick Plant Operator Fails On-Duty Alcohol Test

An employee at the plant had alcohol in his system during a random urine test.

An operator at the Exelon Limerick Generating Station has had his license revoked after failing a random "fitness-for-duty" test that detected alcohol in his system, according to a release from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The control room operator, identified as Roger T. Devlin, consumed the alcohol off-site but was still under the influence of it at work when he was tested on July 14.  

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said in an email that Devlin "was never the sole control room operator on duty; all activities the individual was involved with that day were reviewed and no errors were identified; and action was taken against the individual, including prompt removal from operator duties and Exelon’s request the individual’s NRC control room operator license be terminated."

NRC Regional Adiminstrator William Dean wrote in the violation notice, "Performing licensed activities whileunder the influence of alcohol is a serious matter that undermines the special trust andconfidence placed in you as a licensed operator."

Devlin's violation will go in his permanent file with the NRC. Should he wish to reapply for an operator's license in the future, there are certain steps he'll have to take to do so. 


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