This Week Patch Features Homes With Gas Heating

Patch's House and Home showcases homes featuring gas heat.


As winter sets in, check out these homes locally and nationally, which use gas heating.

Chuck November 17, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Hey Patch, I have an idea: let's pick a generic property of a home and compare dissimilar homes in dissimilar price ranges in dissimilar real estate markets across the country. I'm sure that will arm Phoenixville real estate buyers with all the ammo they need to select a new home! Here are some ideas of future hard-hitting analyses such as today's: . Homes with sidewalks: Phoenixville, Portland ME, Ames, IA, Anchorage, AK . Homes with elongated toilets: Phoenixville, New Orleans, LA, San Matteo, CA, Austin TX . Homes with 200 amp electrical service in Phoenixville, Charlotte NC, Jupiter, FL, Reno NV This type of investigative journalism is just what is needed to attract readers and generate ad revenue! Seriously, how is this story "news" and how does it provide any value to the reader? Patch, you're rapidly becoming irrelevant.


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