Are You Getting What You Pay For? Coenzyme Q-10

In this article, the first of a series, I’ll break down some popular supplements, offer you basic background on it, what brands you should be looking for and suggested dosages for optimal health.

While grocery shopping recently, I happened to stroll down the supplements aisle.  Normally I don’t buy my supplements at grocery or large retail stores but was curious as to what products and which manufacturers the store offered.  Very quickly, I became disappointed.  Every product I picked up was either low dosage, not the most up to date form of the product or simply a cheap, and less effective, version of the supplement.

Once again, I shook my head.  It seems that many large retail stores offer supplements just so they can say, “We have supplements!” and don’t care about the quality of the products or how well they work.  It’s a shame that health has become about the shopping convenience and not about what’s truly healthful.

Happily, most educated consumers know they’re not going to find quality supplements in their typical, big retail chain.  Sadly, however, it’s the uneducated consumer who pays the price, both with their dollars and their bodies.  In this article, the first of a series, I’ll break down some popular supplements, offer you basic background on it, what brands you should be looking for and suggested dosages for optimal health.  This time, we’re talking about:

Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10)

Co-Q10 is one of my favorite, and most essential, supplements.  Co-Q10 is required to convert energy from fats and sugars into usable cellular energy.  It is one of the most powerful fat soluble antioxidants available, protecting the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. It is oxidative stress and free radicals which have been tied to aging and health issues. It is also well known for its benefits to heart health.

Co-Q10 is not a new supplement but one which has been enhanced over the years to maximize on its absorption by and function in the body.  The first Co-Q10 came in a form called Ubiquinone.  This form was good at enhancing health but was not well absorbed by the body.  Eventually, Co-Q10 was refined to a better form, called Ubiquinol.  Even though the products sound similar and promote the same function, there is a big difference in how each form is absorbed in the body.  The older Ubiquinone only allows for about a 50% absorption into the blood stream, whereas the newer Ubiquinol has a 90% absorption rate.  When you consider that most health advocates will suggest taking 100mg to 300mg of the Ubiquinol form of Co-Q10, that’s a big difference in how many more pills you might have to take if you used the Ubiquinone form instead.

The two most basic things to look for on the label of your Co-Q10 are:

1)    The form is Ubiquinol, and

2)    It is produced by the company KanekaQH™.  

KanekaQH™ is the company who has patented the process to make Ubiquinol.  Their Co-Q10 is also what is called a firsthand research study material, which simply means when research is done using Co-Q10 that the KanekaQH ™ form is the one being used in the study.  As the raw material manufacturer, KanekaQH™ produces the product for many other companies to sell and distribute under their own label.  By checking the bottle for KanakaQH™, you know you’re getting the best quality and most potent form of Co-Q10.

For those people interested in where – and how – to purchase the right supplements, I’m currently talking to some specialty suppliers locally about offering a shopping visit to find the products which are best for you. 

If you have any further questions about Co-Q10 or any other supplements, including specifics pertaining to your own health, please feel free to contact me at my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/key2wellness or my direct email joe@key2wellness.net.


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