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Our schools are winning awards, and that is because of our teachers, not our overhead.

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Thursday night there was a special public meeting of the Phoenixville School Board for a vote and discussion of amendments regarding the 2013/2014 budget.

There were three amendments proposed:

  1. Reduce funding to the Phoenixville Public Library from the requested $508,000 to $490,000
  2. Eliminate the pay to participate fee
  3. Eliminate a reserve in the budget of approximately $1,000,000, resulting in no tax increase this year


The first amendment, put forward by Paul Slanika failed to get a second and did not move forward. It is worth mentioning that Board President Jay Gould reminded the Board that the Library has had a “flat” request for the last few years, and faces the same budget issues as the school district. The argument made by Mr. Slanika, that “all children” benefit from a tax increase to the school but not from the library was one he has made before. I responded to this argument at an earlier meeting by reminding the Board and Mr. Slanika that not every taxpayer has a child in our public school but many of them use the Library. I was happy to hear my statement echoed by a Board member last night.

The second amendment, put forward by Kevin Pattison, was quickly seconded and did pass removing the fee that asks families to subsidize sports, clubs and activities. The program contributed approximately $40,000 annually, but also created paperwork, confusion and difficulty for some families according to the discussion.

The third amendment was made by Irfan Khan. This amendment would result in no tax increase this tax year by removing a reserve of approximately $1,000,000. There are several reserves we carry, from health care and pensions to capital projects and an unallocated reserve. Mr. Khan suggested we not fund this reserve this year. This does not reduce the reserve per se, it simply does not increase the fund.

On the first vote, the second amendment passed, eliminating pay to play, as did the third, removing the reserve. This created a budget deficit of approximately $77,000.

The Board then voted on the budget. The budget failed to get the needed 5 votes to pass.

A discussion ensued of how to close the deficit and whether a second vote could take place last night or if legally the Board was required to wait 10 days.

Board director Dan Cushing made an excellent point, one I felt was ignored by the other members. Mr. Cushing stated that with the failure of the Board to pass this budget, and the amendments, both were “dead”. That the administration now had to present a new budget that could get the needed votes to pass. Instead, after a short executive session called for by Board President Josh Gould, who cited “personnel and contract issues” as the reason for the private session, the Board decided to vote on the same budget and same amendments a second time.

Once again the budget failed to get the required votes, but this time, the amendment to remove the reserve also failed to get the required votes.

Before this second vote, which I think may have been improper anyway, there was a suggestion by Mr. Slanika that the shortfall of $77,000 be made up by simply not hiring a teacher next year, the budget calls for 6 new teachers, why not go with 5, he wanted to know. Dr. Fegley responded that we need those teachers to maintain reasonable class sizes due to our enrollment. “The good news is enrollment is increasing”, Dr. Fegley stated. Mr. Khan then suggested the shortfall be made by reducing the reserve for health benefits.

During a short break I suggested to several Board members that there were other places we can reduce the budget, for example, my first suggestion was repairs and maintenance. We are funding a reserve to replace the two turf fields every 10 years at an approximate cost of $2,000,000. We can choose to reduce that reserve by the $77,000 this current year and review the funding in future years.

I also suggested a review of consulting fees we are paying. Either would be more sensible than cutting funds for teaching staff. I also think we need a complete and detailed review of district administration salaries, costs and expenses, which I will call for if elected in November.

I think if we are going to make cuts we need to make them outside of the classroom, and take a good hard look at the overhead costs and see if we can’t find ways to decrease those costs.

Our schools are winning awards, and that is because of our teachers, not our overhead.

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Paul O'Leary June 10, 2013 at 06:39 PM
Lisa, thanks for your thoughts. As well as the others, well mostly, mentioned here. I have great faith in Dr. Cushing as I do in Mr. Gould. I have had two children in this School District for 11 years now, and I'm mostly pleased with the educational experience that they have been afforded. I don't envy anyone that has to deal with school budgets, they effect so many people so differently. But in the long run I believe that the better educated our children are the better it is for our communities overall economical health. We need to just take a look at the Philadelphia School budget disaster to know how well we are doing. I think we are best keeping all budget discussions on a respectable level to come up with the best solutions. There are a few on this site that continually hide behind false monickers and delight in the name calling. It's a shame that this site allows that type of slanderous behavior, these are just sad people that need to be eliminated.
Chris June 10, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Ms. Longo. First don't let Harry get to you. He's always big on negative opinion but low on any facts. Second, all this budget stuff isa drop in the bucket. Until the state does something about the PSERS crisis we are all in trouble for years to come. Thanks for the write up.
Lisa Longo June 10, 2013 at 07:15 PM
Paul, you are welcome and I appreciate your comments. My goal is to bring awareness of issues and share my thoughts on the process, from budgets to policy, I think we will do better with more input and transparency. Thanks again, Lisa
Lisa Longo June 10, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Chris, you are welcome, and I do think PSERS is going to have to be a big part of future strategic planning. I actually started my career in finance doing pension accounting so have some knowledge of funding pensions, but have a lot to learn on the school district and state level issues. Best, Lisa
harry finster June 11, 2013 at 02:06 AM
philadelphia has such high standards,you can be proud that you are better than them,gee maybe you should compare phoenixville tosyria ,bet youve got them beat too,


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