How can the body heal itself?

Here's a quick look at how the Innate Intelligence of the body works and how it can help you and your family get healthy!

We are born with the wonderful wisdom called Innate Intelligence. Innate Intelligence is the “thing” that allows a sperm and an egg to come together and form a zygote. It then divide thousands of times before differentiating into the cells that make up our brain and nervous system. From the creation of the brain and nervous system, the body then “creates” all the cells that make up our organs. Since the brain is the master computer and the nervous system is how the body communicates between the brain and the rest of the body, it only makes sense that it is created first.

It is this Inner Wisdom that allows the body to create a fever when the body has been invaded by a viral or bacterial infection. This intelligence allows our body to eliminate either through the bowels or orally when we’ve ingested food that has gone bad. When we eliminate in this fashion our body is working well to keep us healthy.

Innate Wisdom teaches our body to heal from a wound, to create the best flora in our gut that allows our immune system to work. It’s what causes the tickle in our chest that prompts a cough and it’s what creates mucous in our sinuses that allows us to discharge a virus or bacteria that is trying to find a home.

This wisdom not only created us from two cells but it also created a “system” to keep us healthy.

Symptoms are ways that are body knows it is time to go into action, to destroy or eliminate invaders. A high fever is designed to kill bacteria while a low grade fever kills viruses. By suppressing these symptoms, we go against nature, against the natural healing ability of the body.

Our Innate Intelligence allows our body to create whatever “drug” our body needs to heal. When it does so, the immune system gets stronger, not weaker. Each time we get sick and we allow our body to heal itself, just like exercise makes us stronger, so does allowing this Wisdom to do the healing.

I’m not suggesting that there is not a time or place for medications. Sometimes there is but remember that drugs do the work for your body. They don’t create health and in many instances, you might find that you are sicker longer. Because most drugs have side effects, you can create new problems. For instance, when you take an antibiotic, you wipe out the good bacteria that are an integral part of our immune system.

When you allow the nervous system to work as it should, unimpeded, it will release the natural healing ability of the body. The first cells that differentiated when the sperm and egg united created the nervous system (and brain) because it is the nervous system (and brain) that created all the other cells and organs of the body. While the brain directs the healing activities of the body, it’s the nervous system that carries out the orders for healing.

So, how do you keep the nervous system working optimally so the body can heal itself? How can you allow the Innate Wisdom of the body to continue to function so perfectly that you can get healthy? Easy. Chiropractors are trained in finding and removing interference to the nervous system allowing your body to not only heal itself, but stay healthy. When the interference (subluxations) are gone, the Innate Wisdom is free to start doing her job. Chiropractic care is extremely safe and people love the way it makes them feel. Let the healing begin!

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