Eleanor’s Kitchen: Well-crafted Sandwiches with Personality

Even on reduced menu days, walk in, not by, this tiny restaurant for take-out.

The days between the holidays can leave us at loose ends. 

Things happen (my microwave died!) and we just can’t get to them the way we do on “regular” days. On such a blustery day, I wanted a hot lunch so I walked down to Eleanor’s Kitchen for one of their great roast pork sandwiches.

“No roasted meats today,” said the cook, who was having the same type of day I was. Figuring that the roast pork sandwich I had craved reflected cooking talent, I carefully perused the menu hanging to the right of the door for a second choice. 

“We serve breakfast all day,” the cook said helpfully. That was it—I went with my PA Dutch roots and chose the Scrapple, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich ($4.50) with a side of homemade French Fries ($2.50). 

For my husband, I chose the “Gorgeous,” which is grilled chopped chicken breast with fried onions and provolone, doused with hot sauce and arranged in a long roll ($7.95). It’s one of the Specialties, which are hot sandwiches created and named by area patrons.  Eleanor’s Kitchen also offers cold sandwiches (the cook mentioned that he had chicken salad), but the howling wind outside called for a hot meal.

All sandwiches come with Eleanor’s Kitchen now-famous homemade potato chips which are crisp, potato-y and better than anything you could buy in a bag. The normal assortment of bottled waters and sodas are available in a glass refrigerator to the left.

Based on my visit, most people step into the small space, order their food, then go shopping on Bridge Street until it’s ready for pick-up. There are two tiny tables, three chairs and a bench under the picture window that looks onto Bridge and Main streets and in warm weather, two tables outside on the sidewalk.

Not wanting to brave the wind until I had to, I waited for my order on the bench and admired the photos of Eleanor, the restaurant’s doggie namesake, and her canine friends on the wall behind the door. Hard rock poured from the sound system, which, when there was a convenient break at the grill, the cook changed to a quieter Billie Holiday tune.

The cook wrapped my order securely and told me to let him know how I liked the sandwiches. Even with the wind, everything was still hot when I got home.

Too hungry to wait for my husband, I dove into my breakfast sandwich, which was oozing enticingly with melted cheese.  It was PA Dutch heaven: the scrapple was crisp on the outside and pork-creamy on the inside, the two eggs were cooked and folded beautifully on top and the roll was fresh and flavorful. It may have been “second choice,” but I’ll never eat a “fast food” breakfast sandwich again when these are only a few steps from my door!

My husband also thought the long roll on his chicken cheesesteak was a cut above the ordinary sandwich shop roll. He likes hot sauce, so the dousing pleased him. Overall, he enjoyed the personality of this sandwich so much that he didn’t miss not having a pork sandwich to try instead, which, if you’ve noticed from these reviews, he always orders when we go to a sandwich shop!

The holidays don’t always go as we planned and the days between can sometimes be dicey.  Eleanor’s Kitchen might not always have their fabulous roasted meats, but if you’re looking for well-crafted sandwiches and real potato sides, you’ll have a great meal. And this review helped me go out and buy a new microwave oven!

If You Go:

Location: 6 South Main St., Phoenixville

Cost:   $4 to $13

Phone:  610-935-3663

Website:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Eleanors-Kitchen/135228386521368

Hours:   Tuesday through Saturday:  9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

              Sunday:  12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

              (Check the Facebook Page as they often close early if they sell out.)

Payments accepted: Cash

Parking:  On-street parking or paid Phoenixville parking lot

Ike January 06, 2012 at 07:06 PM
MMMMMgood !!
Ed Naratil January 06, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Best quick sandwich shop downtown. I shouldn't be saying that since it's small and if too many get there at lunch time I might have to wait.


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