Honor Those Who Have Laid Down Their Lives This Memorial Day

It's time to remember the reason for Memorial Day.

While some people loading up the car to head down to the Jersey Shore and enjoy a little sun and surf or others stealing away some time to get great deals offered by department stores, it’s a testament to those who have decided to “observe” Memorial Day instead of just “celebrating it.”

Memorial Day isn’t just a day off and the unofficial start of summer. It’s the one day of the year where we take a little time and pay our respects to those fallen heroes of current and past wars who gave their lives for our freedoms.

We ask a lot of our military, to go to some far off land and fight in a war, but they do for a variety of reasons. For many, those reasons are to preserve the rights and freedoms that we enjoy in this country.

For others, the reason to fight for the oppressed are not for red-white-and-blue patriotic motives, but for something just as noble: Because it’s the right thing to do.

How many of us, who have never donned a military uniform or picked up a rifle for a cause, would be willing to sacrifice our lives for the good of the people or for our own patriotic beliefs?

So no matter what you are doing today, please take a little time out to stand in front of Old Glory and silently thank those brave men and women who have laid down their lives, not just for us but for the many throughout the world when the call for heroes was answered by American troops.


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