Letter To The Editor: New Rec Center Is 'Gorgeous Place'

A Haverford-Havertown Patch reader shares her experiences of the Haverford Township Community Recreation and Environmental Center.

I went to my first exercise class at the CREC (Haverford Township ) Monday and what a gorgeous place it is! 

I hope everyone in the township will come and see this beautiful facility and sign up for some classes or use the indoor walking track. The staff is wonderful and helpful, and the facility has everything we need to keep fit and healthy.

How fortunate we residents are to have this beautiful place. The playground and dog park and playing fields are nearby and are also fantastic. Then I stopped off at the to return a book.

I thought it would be empty, since school is out now for the students, and who would go to the library on their first day of freedom? Wrong—the library was jam packed! There were so many families, young children, and teens getting books to read for the summer or signing up for the Summer Reading programs. This shows the kind of kids parents are raising in our Township—kids who love to read! 

What a wonderful town we live in and how fortunate we all are!

Kate deRiel


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