Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Situation Crazy

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that Quarterback Michael Vick is returning for another year.

It was the last game of the season, a horrible loss to the New York Giants.

And Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick, returning for the first time in more than a month after injury, had once again been battered and bruised.

But this time, Vick lashed out: blasting his teammates for a lack of effort and heart.

We all thought that was the last Birds fans would ever see of the controversial QB.

After all, Vick had spent most of the season injured. And when he was on the field, he was producing too many costly turnovers.

He was due a bonus if kept on the roster. And about $15 million if he played next season. So everyone thought Vick would be cut right after the Super Bowl.

Well, guess who's back?

New coach Chip Kelly made a move that most fans are questioning and hating by announcing this week that Vick has restructured his contract and will be donning the green jersey for another year.

He didn't name him the starter, but since Vick will earn $7.5 million -- and possibly $10 million if he meets incentives -- you can expect him behind center next year.

Kelly, I guess, sees Vick as being capable and competent enough to run his high-octane offense.

This doesn't bode well for rookie Nick Foles, who showed some strong signs of life during his six starts last year, but also made some rookie mistakes, which is expected.

So Foles could be a goner, with former Coach Andy Reid also expressing interest in Foles playing for his Kansas City Chiefs. That might be a great fit for Foles.

With the NFL Draft coming up in April, don't be surprised if Foles gets traded. It seems like Kelly has determined that Foles doesn't have a future as his QB.

Also, don't expect Trent Edwards to stick around. He may be great to have in camp or maybe he can make it again as third strng, especially if Foles is traded.

The Birds could also take another quarterback in the draft, one whom Kelly and his staff can groom.

But now that Kelly has signed Dennis Dixon, his former University of Oregon QB, the camp battle looks a little uneven.

Dixon knows how to run Kelly's offense. Big advantage there.

Dixon, believe it or not, also has two Super Bowl rings in his possession: one as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and another while on the practice squad this past year for the Baltimore Ravens.

You never know, Dixon could beat out Vick in camp for the starting job.

Anyway, this quarterback situation isn't going as Birds fans had hoped or anticipated. It will be interesting how this off-season develops.

But, for now, know this: Michael Vick is your starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for 2013.

Jay Young March 19, 2013 at 03:06 PM
I think people have their blinders on. Vick is a great QB. Not elite at all but defenses planned for him every week. I think he was let down by his o line and receivers but as it stands now even if they keep him, he's not going to be the future. Look how many mistakes Favre made in his career. Still one of the greats. People point to championships to prove the worth of Qbs I favor Peyton Manning over Brady but who has more rings? If you are a fan watch and know the game. Last year was not all Vicks fault.
Jay Young March 19, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Do I think Vick is an elite QB? No not at all. But I do believe given the opportunity and healthy o line with his offensive weapons ( a healthy Vick) could get us to and win the Super Bowl. With talent on defense of course. But like I said before our future QB isn't there yet.
Nabob March 19, 2013 at 04:11 PM
With 147 registered dog breeds and counting, why people continue to buy and breed these monsters is beyond comprehension
Debbie Thomas March 19, 2013 at 04:54 PM
Hey Nabob..........go take a hike. You're the one who is a monster.
joe shannon March 24, 2013 at 12:10 PM
I am born raised in Philadelphia all time Eagles fan. Chip Kelly is digging a hole quick do you think any player other then Vick will be there buy the start of the season. No. Also Vick will be out of Philly by our 1st game. we will have a 3 year practice squad QB as our starter and 3 year receiver from Tamp Bay he has been injured as well for the same amount of time really we do you think we are going he has J Mac on the trading block you can count out McCoy Jackson will be next . Love my team dislike the coach


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