The Terrorists Are Winning

United we stand, in politics we stand alone.

The USA is indeed a wonderful place to live. We are a resourceful bunch. When we found that we were vulnerable to attacks from foreign terrorists we rallied our troops, literally and figuratively, and put up the best shield that we could. Since 9/11 the US has not had a foreign terrorist attack, and several have been thwarted by great work by our intelligence community.

But unfortunately this is not enough to protect our Country for ruin. We are still n to being torn apart at the seems. Who is this domestic terrorist group that absolutely no morale compass, that shows a total lack of civility, who is as ethically bankrupt as Satan?

I'll tell you how to root them out, but I caution you that this is not for the faint of heart. You must be of supreme courage and character to survive the great reveal.

Turn on your TV, wait 22.4 seconds+/-, and there they are. The political machines are at work attempting to split this country into pieces, and they don't care who gets hurt. The body count will be high and the devastation will be beyond repair. But that's okay as long as their team wins.

The funny thing is that this is something that we all know already. We've seen this every election cycle. We all complain about the bitter tone of the politicking, how we don't like the negative advertising. Yet the polls indicate that the negative advertising works, although I wonder about that.

Then after the election we have a divided nation, almost 50/50. As a result we have a Congress that can't get out of their own way to accomplish anything but voting against the "other" side. This, is not progress.

As you've surely seen here on the pages of The Patch and other local sites. You can't have a discussion without a nasty stream of name calling and hate provoking language. Is this how we want our nation to succeed? As if it could being so divided. I'm not sure who it was back in the good ole days, maybe Thomas Pain that something to the effect 'United we stand, divided we shall surely fall'. I for one worry that this is true.

All of us need to be more conscious of how we discuss our different view points with one another. The 1st amendment gives us the freedom of speech, I hate to see this right abused so often especially during the political season. I for one would like to ask us all to be more caring of this most precious of all of our rights.

Let's discuss our different opinions about "our team", but let's do it in a civil way so that at games end we can still stand under the same flag and work together for the good of all.

Just sayin'.

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Chris Chierici January 08, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Paul I like your style. Its why we have radio stations devoted solely to ripping apart anything productive this President may try to offer.


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