3 Arrested After Jewelry Store Smash & Grab

A police chase ended with all three suspects in custody.

Limerick Township Police arrested three 21-year-old men on Saturday night after being called for a robbery-in-progress at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets' Ultra Diamonds store.

According to a press release from Limerick police chief William Albany, the call came in at 7:48pm. 

The caller said three black males wearing bandanas had come into the store, smashed a case with a hammer, and took approximately $64,000 in Rolex watches and jewelry, then fled.

Witnesses described them getting into a 4-door red Buick and driving in the direction of Route 422. Surrounding police departments were notified.

Upper Providence Township police attempted to stop the car on eastbound 422, but the car did not stop. A passenger threw a bag out of the car window while Upper Providence police were chasing the suspect car. 

The car exited Route 422, with police still in pursuit, and drove through Valley Forge Park, then stopped in Phoenixville Borough. 

The three suspects exited the car and fled on foot, but were stopped and detained after a short foot chase. 

Police recovered the bag that had been thrown from the car and found the stolen watches and jewelry.

The three suspects were identified as Amin Shabazz, Brian M. Sheed and Willie Hawkins Smith, all 21 years old.

Amin Shabazz has a prior arrest for retail theft and was wanted on two failure-to-appear warrants in Bucks and Lancaster Counties.

Brian M. Sheed has a record of arrests for criminal trespass and corruption of minors.

Willie Hawkins Smith has three prior arrests on drug, firearms and receiving stolen property charges. Smith is also out on bail after being charged with armed robbery of a jewelry store in Evesham Township.

Cathleen Bach November 05, 2012 at 07:40 PM
If the casino would have gone in, it would have been patrolled by the State Police. Instead, the outlets, which I admit, I do like more than I do a casino, however, the Outlets are patrolled by Limerick Police, who have enough to deal with. They do an amazing job, but this time of year through Christmas, they practically live at the Outlets.
Dago Girl November 05, 2012 at 08:05 PM
You have to understand, the increased revenue from the taxes generated from the outlets have implemented Limerick Twp's income. I am SURE the township's planning dept factored that in, when approving this mall. I would also bet the police force staffing has increased, as did the monies that the township receives.
UpLim November 06, 2012 at 12:45 PM
The increased revenue from the outlets is negated by the increased operating cost of the police dept. to include increased staffing,benefits, overtime,benefits packages, vehicles and training just to name a few. Additionally, district court staffing workload has increased as well as the costs of prosecution for public defenders. Don't be too sure of anything except the likelihood of greed which imho was the true motivation behind the illustrious PHILADELPHIA PREMIUM outlets. Last I checked,19468 was NOT Philadelphia.
Darryl Braxton November 23, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Read Matthew 7:1 about judging others. I live in the suburbs and their is filth and trash out here in the Burbs also. Only difference, the sub thugs go to the city and bring the drugs back out here.
DBrax November 23, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Crime happens all over. City youth go to the suburbs and steal while suburban youth go the City to get their drugs. Both make poor choices. Parents can't be with their children 24 hrs a day 7 days a week . Hopefully, they have instilled values, morals, and essential decision making criterion which they will utilize before making poor choices which ultimately have an everlasting impact on their present and future.


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