Couple: Vandals Demolished Our Cinder Block Wall

They blame a group of teenagers who they say drink at night at Carey Street Park.

The destruction of a decades-old cinder block wall has a Phoenixville couple worried about local vandalism, the Daily Local News is reporting.

According to the paper, the 38-foot-long, six-foot-tall cinder block fence that separates the Nutt Road home of Ed and Rose Marie Matta from Carey Street was destroyed overnight last week.

The Mattas think the wall, which was built in 1950, was demolished by a group of teenagers that appear to have made Carey Street Park their late night hangout. Rose Marie spotted some kids with a flashlight lurking near the wall after it was smashed and, after she called Phoenixville Police, four juveniles were arrested for underage drinking, curfew violations, and park closed violations.

The arrests were, apparently, cold comfort to the Mattas.

“We can’t sleep at night,” Rose Marie told the paper. “I’m constantly running to the [back] door.”

Read the full story here.


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