Fight Lands Girlfriend in Jail, Man in ER

A violent fight spills outside before turning bloody inside a Nutt Road home.

A Phoenixville man is recovering from stab wounds and his girlfriend is in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on assault and drug charges.

Devon Aubrey Roncase, 35, is charged with stabbing and assaulting her boyfriend during a fight last Saturday afternoon. Police say it started in a bedroom spilled out into the yard and continued once again inside the house they shared on Nutt Road in Phoenixville.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed in the case, Police say the man reported that Roncase threw a remote at him in the bedroom.  The pair struggled and after she struck him in the head with a wooden stick of some kind he grabbed her arms and he “pushed her on to the bed.”

The man told police that he took some clothes and was trying to leave the residence when, according to court documents he says Roncase followed him outside, grabbed a metal tool and smashed out the window of his car.  The fight eventually ended up back inside the home's kitchen where the man told police the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and began slashing him.

When the man tried to grab the knife  police say he reported that she began to stab him in the back.    According to the affidavit she then ran out of the house and the man called 9-1-1, asking for an ambulance. Police say he did not report that he had been stabbed until he arrived at the Phoenixville Hospital Emergency room. He was later transferred to the trauma center at Paoli Hospital.

After the stabbing was reported at the hospital, police went to the couple's house but Roncase was not there.  Police say they found a door ajar and went into the house to secure the crime scene.  Police say they found blood stains on the first and second floors as well as a long wooden stick in the master bedroom.

According to police Roncase returned home a short time later and was arrested.  Police say they found a packet of what they believe to be cocaine and a syringe on Roncase. 

She was arrested and is awaiting awaiting a preliminary hearing in the case


harryfinster November 02, 2013 at 01:53 PM
phoenixville girls are sweet
Here and Now November 02, 2013 at 07:10 PM
another typical day in crapville


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