Phoenixville Teen Struck by Ladder on Passing Train

The boy was airlifted to CHOP; his condition was unknown Wednesday.

A Phoenixville boy walking along train tracks Tuesday was struck by a ladder mounted on a passing freight train.

The 13-year-old boy was awake and talking when Phoenixville Police and Phoenixville Fire Company members responded Tuesday evening, but a portion of his skull was visible, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The boy was airlifted from Friendship Field to CHOP, the Inquirer said. His condition was unknown Wednesday.

The boy and his friends had been swimming in the Schuylkill River and were walking home along the tracks, police told the Inquirer, when the boy was hit by a ladder on a passing Norfolk Southern Railroad boxcar. 

MPorchik June 26, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Not sure where in the article they are blaming the train crew, unless I missed something. The kids parents telling them not to walk on the tracks may help, but I know I didn't always do what I was told at that age. Just a tragic accident IMO.
Limaya Hoch June 26, 2014 at 01:00 PM
I was there the kid was with one boy who probly saved his life and 3 girls who where arguing about who should call the cops I got on the phone right away there was no adult with them they where putting change on the track as the train went I'm glad he made it threw
KPez June 26, 2014 at 02:39 PM
This is horrible. I hope this child is going to be OK with no lasting damage. LAG - This article did not even imply that this was the fault of the train crew. Clearly the child was to close to the tracks. Yes it may be illegal, but this was a kid. What lack of compassion. I am sure you never did anything you shouldn't as a kid - play with fire, ignore a no trespassing sign, drink or smoke underage, cut class, general stupidity, etc. I don't even know how I am alive today myself, and I didn't really involve myself any risky behavior. Certainly you would never drive over the speed limit - that would be ILLEGAL! And you would never mess with your smart phone while driving - that would be DANGEROUS!
LAG June 26, 2014 at 03:12 PM
I made an error in judgement regarding this particular article in assessing that implied blame was on the train crew. I have read a few other articles in the paper that implied this, but this particular article did not, and my reaction was misplaced. Secondly, KPez: I don't own a Smartphone and I do not text and drive, never was a smoker, never cut class, engaged in arson, or trespassed, and as for doing stupid things when I was a kid, all I can say is no, I never did anything that I could potentially die from. I never felt that I had to do bad/stupid things in order to enrich my life. My parents taught me about what unnecessary risks can result in, so I managed to avoid inviting trouble into my life. Trouble can come regardless of stupid behavior or playing it safe, but I sure as heck do not court it. Unfortunately/fortunately, I have known a lot of death at a very young age, and as a result, I was never a young person who considered myself invincible, so I avoided engaging in things that I knew could KILL ME. I also never claimed to not feel bad for this boy. I do feel bad for him, so to deem me as someone without compassion is inaccurate. He made a bad, illegal choice and this is what it resulted in. All I stress is that parents need to be more informative about teaching their kids that doing dumb, illegal things like this, can possibly get you killed, and when it involves the psychological well-being of others, like the train crew, it is even more important to realize that your thoughtless behavior can have ill effects on others as well, which is unfair. This boy is lucky, but he'll live with the repercussions now his whole life.


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