Police: Over $22,000 Worth of Copper Cables Stolen in Audubon

The copper power cables were reported to have been stolen from the Sprint/Nextel parking lot.

Lower Providence Police report that five copper power cables, worth over $22,000, were stolen from the Sprint/Nextel parking lot, located at 901 Jefferson Avenue in Audubon.

The incident was reported on Dec. 4 by a Sprint/Nextel switch technician.  The technician told police that the cables were stolen from portable generators left on the property.

According to the police report, approximately two weeks ago, at the time of the report, two Olympian generators and three Generac generators were returned to the business and placed in its parking lot, with the power cables attached and in working order.

On Dec. 4, approximately 11:40 a.m., the technician found the copper power cables had been cut from below the five generators. According to the police report, the approximate value of each cable is $4,500.

The report further states that the building cameras were not facing the direction of the generators, nor were the cables found in surrounding businesses. 


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