Police: Phoenixville Man Charged After Stealing Tools from Truck

The incident was just the most recent of the suspect's multiple brushes with the law.

A Phoenixville man faces charges after police say he broke into a stranger's truck and attempted to steal a bag of tools and a pack of cigarettes earlier this month.

Douglas Edward Mills, 53, faces charges of theft from a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property, and loitering and prowling at night stemming from the November 1 incident.

According to court documents, at 4:42 a.m. a Phoenixville Police officer spotted Mills exiting a Dodge Ram on Pennsylvania Avenue with a bag of tools in his hand. The officer knew Mills from previous incidents and knew the truck was not his.

When the officer pulled alongside Mills, he threw the bag, a lighter, and cigarettes on the ground and said “you got me.” Mills then, backtracking a bit, told the officer that he knew the owner of the truck and had been given permission to borrow the tools.

The owner confirmed that he did not know Mills and did not give him permission to enter his truck or take his things.

Mills was charged on November 13 and faces preliminary hearing on November 17.


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