Police: Woman Arrested After Escaping, Drunk, from Assisted Living Home

She was visiting her mother, police say.

A Phoenixville woman was arrested last week after East Pikeland Police say an employee at her mother’s assisted living facility called them to report that she was driving drunk.

According to court documents, the woman, 64-years-old and a resident of the 900 block of Lincoln Road, was at Sunrise Assisted Living on October 24 sometime before 2:49 p.m. visiting her mother when employees observed that she was intoxicated.

The employees tried to stop the woman from driving home, taking her keys at one point, but she ran past them, got in her car and left anyway; they believe with a spare key.

One of the employees called police, who met the woman at her Lincoln Road home. When they arrived she was swaying outside in her driveway, visibly intoxicated, and appeared to have urinated in her pants. She also had a red mark on her head, as though she had just taken a fall.

The woman refused to submit to field sobriety testing. She was placed under arrest and taken to Phoenixville Hospital to have blood drawn for testing.

MRY tADEO November 07, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Do you really need to state that she had urinated in her pants, seriously? I thin that's uncalled for. Es pecially since she was arrested in her "own" driveway. and, is that even legal to do that? Did you see her get out of her car? Believe me, I love you guys, but WTF?
ryan November 08, 2012 at 04:56 AM
She escaped from the living facility? It's an assisted living home, not a mental institution, not a prison...theres something wrong about PAYING to have your rights negated.


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