Thief is Targeting Unlocked Cars, Collegeville PD Says

Hundreds of vehicles were affected overnight on Sunday in Upper Providence, Collegeville and Trappe, according to police.


Collegeville Police Chief Bart Bucher cautioned residents to lock their car doors, citing a recent report of vehicle break-ins in Upper Providence, Collegeville and Trappe overnight on Feb.3

According to Bucher, someone hit “hundreds of houses, one after another, checking cars,” around the area of Morgan Lane and Hopwood Road in Upper Providence Township, and the person also checked some vehicles along Richard Way and Lloyd Ave. in Collegeville Borough.

Bucher said that police were able to track footprints through the snow to find out which houses were targeted.

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The Skippack Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police is investigating a theft from motor vehicle on the 200 block of Clahor Avenue in Trappe over the same time period.

“They’re not breaking your car window,” Bucher said.  “They are being quiet - some of those houses have dogs.”

Bucher said that most of the thefts, and attempts, occurred in Upper Providence.  All of the Collegeville cars were locked, so there were no reports of stolen items in the borough.


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