Drunken Woman Claims She Wasn't Driving, Cops Say

Philadelphia woman allegedly crashed into a telephone pole on Joshua and Militia Hill roads; charges are pending the results of a blood draw.

Charges are pending against a Philadelphia woman who was arrested for DUI after a one-vehicle crash on Joshua Road in which she claimed she was the passenger and the driver fled the scene, according to Whitemarsh Police.

Officers responded to a crash at Joshua and Militia Hill Roads on Jan. 30 around 9:30 p.m. and reported that they found Dawn Marie Marshall, of Philadelphia, behind the driver’s seat of a Saturn sedan that had appeared to strike a telephone pole and came to a final rest in an embankment.

Marshall, who allegedly had a strong scent of alcohol on her breath, said that she was not driving and that a 6-foot-3 male named "Brian" had driven the vehicle and fled after the accident after the crash, taking her keys, police said.

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The report states that officers questioned Marshall, 38, because the driver’s side seat was pulled forward when police arrived, which made it improbable for a 6-foot-3 man to be driving, and there seemed to be too many items on the passenger seat and floor for the vehicle to have a passenger.

When Marshall could not answer questions regarding the story, failed three sobriety tests and blew a .198 blood alcohol level, she was arrested for DUI, according to police. During the blood draw, police saw Marshall’s keys sitting on her lap and asked how she got them back if the male who fled took them. She did not know, police said.

Charges are pending the results of Marshall’s blood draw.


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