$800K Bridge Could be Coming to Schuylkill Canal Spillway

The Montgomery County Commissioners are taking bids for the project.

According to the Times Herald, the Montgomery County Commissioners are looking to erect a bridge across the aging Schuylkill Canal Spillway in Mont Clare.

The commissioners are currently seeking quotes for the prefabricated bridge, which is estimated to cost approximately $819,000.

Kenneth Starr, head of the county’s Assets and Infrastructure Department, acknowledged that the spillway is a historic site, but said it’s in danger of faltering.

“There was an indication there was cracking and voids and if things were not done about it, the spillway could collapse and we would literally lose the canal,” Starr told the paper.

Starr added that the installation of the bridge should “shore up” the canal and attract more visitors to the site.

As part of the plan, other structures along the canal's western bank will be renovated as well. The area runs from Longford Road to the 29 bridge.

Read the full story here.

George Hughes February 07, 2013 at 05:14 PM
$819,000 for a small bridge ? That is absolutely insane !!!! There is a lot better places and things that kind of money can be spent . It's only going to be for foot traffic , you can build one for a hell of a lot less .
jan February 07, 2013 at 10:57 PM
George do you really want this area to lose the historic canal that uncountable people enjoy year round. Its not just a bridge for foot traffic.


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