About Those Flags...

Bridge Street got an infusion of color recently in the form of 30 American flags and 30 banners. Here's the story.

Bridge Street has gotten a slew of colorful new additions, as the borough has added new banners and American flags to the pedestrian light poles that line the street.

According to a press release the borough issued on Friday, the 30 American flags were donated by the Phoenixville VFW Post 1564. The VFW had donated flags to the borough in the past, but those had to be retired due to wear and tear. Krack said he met with the VFW at the end of August to gauge their interest in replacing the flags, and the veterans group jumped at the offer.

“Within a week, those 30 flags were delivered by Post Commander Harper Gensemer and Junior Vice Commander John G. Lorusso.  How great is that?” said Krack. 

To keep the flags in showing shape for as long as possible, they’ll be taken down after Veteran’s Day each year and put back up in April.

Eagle-eyed residents have likely also noticed the custom banners that are flying on Bridge. Put up before September’s First Friday, these were a gift from an anonymous donor and feature design elements that are part of the forthcoming Wayfinding street signs.

The banners are made from especially weather-resistant material, which will allow them to be flown year round.

Laura Schwartz September 17, 2012 at 04:46 PM
So happy to see American flags flying in the borough. If I can figure how to attach a flagpole to vinyl porch columns, I'd love to fly one at home. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to do the same? We could start to look like a Mayberry town.....
PVilleRes September 18, 2012 at 12:07 AM
Glad to see this happening! I do think however, the borough needs to expand its vision beyond Bridge Street. I love Bridge Street, but I love the rest of the borough too. i think we should get more flags and place them in other places around the borough people see often, such as... High Street, Main Street, Starr Street, Nutt Road, Gay Street... Maybe even on the bridges coming into Borough, like the bridge from Mont Clare, or even on the Gay Street Bridge. I love the idea but my message to the council is... If you want Phoenixville to become a bigger deal, you need to expand your horizons and efforts past Bridge Street, though I do love where they've taken it.


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