Borough Council VP Speck Calls West End Allegations 'Malicious'

The fire company posted a letter in Patch last month suggesting the borough compromised residents' safety. On Tuesday, the council answered back.

At Tuesday’s borough council meeting, a visibly agitated vice president Michael Speck said he was “deeply offended” by the tone and the content of a letter the West End Fire Company submitted to Phoenixville Patch late last month.

In the letter, which was published on Patch on October 25, the fire company’s board of directors alleged that owing to council’s actions “the borough’s ability to provide fire service has been seriously compromised in the last decade.”

The letter came on the heels of the council’s unanimous decision at its October 9 meeting to take bids for a new EMS provider. The council cited dissatisfaction with the job West End had done in that capacity.

Speck, speaking from his seat during the November 13 meeting, said it was “ill advised and irresponsible” for the fire company to suggest “the community’s safety and health were put in danger” by the borough.

“[It’s] malicious to make such a statement,” Speck said, adding that the council makes decisions based on “fact and due diligence.”

Speck added that new EMS bids will be reviewed by the borough in January and a decision to appoint will be made in Febuary.

Goddess November 16, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Agitated vice president Michael Speck is part of the Borough's multiyear brinkmanship efforts. Anyone that believes that having fewer firetrucks operating in the Borough is equivalent to having more trucks is deluded. Anyone that believes that having all firetrucks in the Borough come from one location is equivalent to having them come from two or three is deluded. These are the facts, Jack. The Borough has a lot of old houses, twins, long runs of old historic houses that are all connected. Citizens need all they can get. Part of a town where I used to live burned to the ground because the town didn't have enough fire protection and they lost control of a fire. The Borough needs to get over the fact that its scheme to get West End's firetruck didn't work as planned. The Borough acts like a spurned lover or a vindictive ex-spouse over that firetruck. Now they're going after EMS services. Demanding that West End pay $30,000 to the Borough ($2,500 per month) to cover the Borough's overspending and budget shortfall is obscene. They justify their $30,000 exaction demand of West End by saying that other EMS bidders must submit to the mandatory $30,000 tithe as well. Robbing Peter to pay Paul... It will be interesting to watch the Borough's fact finding mission and due diligence mission when the EMS bids come in. What are they going to put in their Libra scale to compare against current EMS? Where is the money going to come from to support the Borough's brinkmanship scheme?
Joe Melchiorre November 16, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Why not do what is best for the citizens of Phoenixville & let the politics out of it? Sounds like if you don't get your way, you take your bat & ball &start to play another game. Who cares if someone is "offended," do what is the right thing & provide the protection provided by laws of the Commonwealth to our town!!! Hopefully, when you make a run for Mayor, the people will remember this nonsense!!
Ike December 05, 2012 at 03:05 PM
i WISH they would tell the truth ,sombody, dont know who to belive here , so will someone tell the truth.


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