Chesco Health Dept Publishes First Newsletter

Important new information on West Nile Virus, childhood obesity, flu vaccinations and more.

The Chester County Health Department released its first-ever newsletter. Read the newsletter attached to this article as a PDF or download the PDF from the Chester County Health Department website

In addition to call-outs for medical volunteers and information on how to find confidential information about STDs, the newsletter addresses salient health issues in the county:

Table of Contents

Who needs a Flu Vaccine?     page 1

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning    page 1

West Nile Virus                     page 2

Pertussis Vaccine                  page 2

Planning for an Emergency     page 3

The Truth about Shingles        page 4

Childhood Obesity                 page 5

In an introductory essay, the director of the health department, Margaret Rivello, explains how to sign up for the newsletter:

To receive the quarterly edition of PUBLIC HEALTH NEWS, sign up at: www.chesco.org/health/updates

We welcome your feedback. Email us at cchd@chesco.org with any comments, questions, or ideas for future articles.


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