Drucker Calls Kampf’s Voter ID Claims ‘Insulting’

5,915 registered voters in the 157th District lack necessary ID to cast a ballot, says the Democrat's campaign.

In response to state Rep. Warren Kampf’s (R-157) suggestion that Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law , Democratic challenger Paul Drucker criticized the incumbent and announced the creation of a helpline to get local voters valid identification.

“I will not sit back and watch the voters of my district have their rights stolen,” Drucker wrote on his campaign website. 

“I have spent my life standing up for the rights of others as both an elected official and attorney. The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. I choose to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I can honestly say that my campaign stood up for the rights of the voters of the 157th and helped people.”

According to the Democrat's website, voters without valid identification can contact the helpline at 484-629-VOTE.

Drucker went on to call Kampf’s assertion—made at a July 30 town hall meeting at Phoenixville High School—that a law blocking those without ID from casting a ballot “may actually enfranchise people” preposterous.

“Rep. Kampf’s claim is ridiculous and insulting,” Drucker wrote. “He owes an explanation and an apology to the voters of the 157th District. The current administration has admitted that it lacks evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. Despite this fact, Kampf and his GOP colleagues voted for this legislation which robs citizens of their right to vote and costs taxpayers $12 million.”

The Drucker campaign claims that, according to PennDOT records, almost 13 percent of registered 157th District voters are estimated to be without the ID necessary to vote. That’s 5,915 registered voters, including approximately 1,898 seniors.

“These are not the cheaters and scam artists that Rep. Kampf and his colleagues would like you to imagine,” the release went on. “They are our parents, grandparents, and neighbors.“

Kampf, for his part, characterizes the law as a commonsense measure to reduce the likelihood of fraud and enhance the credibility of elections.

“It never made sense to me when I walked into a polling place…and all I had to do was say my name and sign a signature that was right there in front of me and I could vote. That didn’t seem to me to be a very strong protection,” the representative said.

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