Drucker Touts Endorsements From Rendell, Nutter

The 157th District challenger announced the nods earlier this week.

Paul Drucker, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 157th District, announced that he received endorsements from Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and former Governor Ed Rendell last week.

Nutter called Drucker a strong leader who is in touch with the needs of his community.

"I am proud to endorse Paul Drucker for State Representative in the 157th District.  I know that Paul is a true leader who understands the needs of his community, and the Southeastern PA region.  We need representatives who will fight for the needs and priorities of this region and work with other leaders in our community to get things done.  Paul Drucker is the man for the job.  As a former Representative Paul always stood up for his constituents, and worked hard to build the community and make the 157th District, the Southeast and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a better place to live.  If re-elected, I know that he will do so again.  I look forward to working with Paul as a leader in our larger community. The voters of the 157th can put their trust in Paul Drucker to truly represent them in Harrisburg."

Rendell said that, in his time serving with Drucker as Governor, he found him to be a sensible public servent.

"I have known Paul Drucker for many years.  From our time together in the Philadelphia DA's office, to our time together in Harrisburg, I have considered Paul a friend.  I know that Paul Drucker is the person that the people of the 157th, not to mention the citizens of our Commonwealth, need working for them as a member of the House of Representatives.  As the Governor of Pennsylvania, I was always able to count on Paul Drucker to do the right thing.  Paul supported balanced budgets, a responsible and sensible approach to Marcellus Shale, women's rights and historic funding for public education.  I can say unequivocally that Paul Drucker will represent the needs of his constituents and stand up for what's right for Pennsylvania, as he always has.  That is why I am endorsing Paul Drucker for State Representative in the 157th District."

Drucker welcomed the endorsements of the two Pennsylvania Democratic party heavyweights.

"I am proud to accept the endorsements of Mayor Nutter and Governor Rendell.  They are respected leaders in our region and our Commonwealth.  I admire their work to insure a brighter future for all of us, and I am honored by their recognition of my hard work on behalf of my constituents.  I pledge to go to Harrisburg to fulfill my commitment to return fairness to public policy in Pennsylvania and make our community a better place to live," said Drucker.

Joe Melchiorre October 07, 2012 at 11:25 AM
Mr. Ed, you are right on. Maybe the next endorsement will come from Bari & Slick Willie. You liberals buy into this, what a joke you are!!! Now that I have you fired up, have a great day & a big cry after you get your asses handed to you this coming election!! LOL!!
Candy Allebach October 07, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Wow, he must be proud. And what do Nutter and Rendell have to do with the 157th. Nutter should be more concerned with the people dying in Philly and Rendell can do what he does best, dance for the cameras.
Jay Valley October 07, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Kampf for used the medal of honor grove for campaigning last time which was wrong but he's done some things for veterans since. Drucker is as obnoxious as they come. Write in anyone? We are in a no win situation here.
James Smith October 07, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Kampf submits a bill to spend $140 million in tax revenue for private tech-industry investment with the "promise" of jobs. If tax dollars are invested in private industry under this bill, then it amounts to Corporate welfare and no less. I favor tax breaks to corporations to stimulate jobs, but I don't want tax dollars directly invested in these companies. If these companies could not find interested private investors, what make the government adept in deciding what bio-tech industry gets the cash. Does anyone else here want more Corporate Welfare? I know you guys don't like attacks on "your guy" and I am not a Liberal with an axe to grind. I just point out Hypocrisy and want to know if you support Kampf on this bill?
mainliner October 12, 2012 at 03:59 PM
It's pretty clear Kampf's allegiance lies with his party and donors. The residents of the 157th are an afterthought. Learn more our representative here http://www.therealwarrenkampf.com/


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