Round Two: Drucker Looks Ahead to November Rematch with Kampf

The excitable Democrat hosted a campaign kickoff in Phoenixville on Wednesday night.

Paul Drucker is counting on buyer’s remorse.

After losing his 157th district seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to Warren Kampf by shy of 1,000 votes in 2010, the attorney-turned-Tredyffrin-supervisor-turned-state legislator is angling to wrest the office back from the Republican in what figures to be one of this fall’s most hotly contested races.

And the Democrat thinks a reversal of fortunes might be in order.

“[Kampf] has a record now that he didn’t have then,” Drucker told Patch on Wednesday afternoon, a few hours before a campaign kickoff event he hosted that night at his Bridge Street headquarters.

“I’ll be able to contrast to the voters what I represent from what he represents.”

According to the candidate—who held the office he’s pursuing from 2008 to 2010 after winning a contentious general election battle with Guy Ciarrocchi—the contrast starts here: Kampf’s record on education, women’s health, the environment, and infrastructure.

“These are issues where there are major differences between me and my opponent. These aren’t shades of grey—these are black and white issues,” Drucker said, emphatically.

“[Kampf] talks about jobs,” he went on, “’Jobs, jobs jobs.’ But he didn’t support the transportation bill. And to me the greatest job program that we have is education, but he supports a budget with draconian education cuts.”

Drucker also chided his opponent for his votes in support of natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale—a position he called “intellectually bankrupt.” He charged Kampf and fellow state Republicans with under-taxing the extraction and not going to sufficient lengths to ensure it produced local jobs.

“It’s the lowest [natural gas extraction] tax in the country,” he said.

Putting his election forecaster cap back on—albeit one with a large “D” on it—Drucker said the dynamics of this election figure to favor him in a way 2010’s didn’t.

“Because it’s a presidential election, there should be a better turnout,” Drucker surmised. “And that better turnout should be to my advantage.”

Interested Observer April 26, 2012 at 02:25 PM
What a joke. Let's see: - Drucker couldn't get a compromise done on Marcellus Shale, Kampf did. Now the gas drillers pay more than they did under Drucker. - Drucker talks about education cuts - but the only "cut" is the loss of TEMPORARY federal stimulus money that Drucker spent like it was permanent...and stuck us all. - Drucker's answer for jobs: more government, more spending. - Drucker's other answer: higher taxes on the one business creating jobs in PA. Let's ask Paul Drucker one question: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT? He can't pay for his ideas without taxing businesses and citizens more - when we can't afford it. This guy is the Mayor of Fantasyland where money grows on trees. I won't go back.
Daniel Pipes April 26, 2012 at 03:43 PM
In one paragraph Drucker criticizes Kampf on jobs,transportation, and education but offers no solution. All these Dems want is a welfare state and country and their only solution is to raise taxes. WE CANT AFFORD IT ANYMORE MR. DRUCKER Corbett and Crisrie have essentially cut the head off the snake and have brought forth a balanced budget two years in a row and like the Dems said with Obama" give them some time and see if it works". Throwing more money at the same problems hasn't worked ever and something different needs to be tried. The Dems talk about everyone payin their fair share, well it works both ways. Everyone needs to take their fare share of cuts to get this train back on track.
Joe Melchiorre April 27, 2012 at 11:25 AM
This clown is nothing more than another "tax & spend" dumborat. He sucked at this his first go around, hopefully the "sheeple" do not give him a second chance to show how he LOVES to spend our money!!


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