Post Your Senior's College Destination: Patch 101

Proud parents (and students) can get the word out whenever they want, via Phoenixville Patch's homepage and daily email newsletter.


Your kid's finishing high school and has chosen a college, maybe even a major.

It's big news in your household, obviously. And it's news here, too, at Phoenixville Patch, where every item in our community Announcements section is posted by Patch users with something to share.

Sometimes it's a college enrollment, or an all-star team selection, or a hiring, promotion, retirement, birthday or anniversary. Pretty much anything goes, and it couldn't be simpler to post.

  1. Under the "News" tab at the top of any page, click the bolded "Announcements" link, then click "Add an Announcement" on the right side of the next page. If you want to bookmark the link for future announcements, it's http://phoenixville.patch.com/announcements/new/
  2. Fill in the Title field as though headlining a news story. For college enrollment, try something like "(High School)'s John Smith Enrolls at (College)" or "Jane Smith to Pursue (Major) at (College)".
  3. Choose a Category. "School" is a good one to pick in this case.
  4. Tell everything you want to tell in the Description field.
  5. Click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button to attach any images. (Patch editors can attest that your neighbors love seeing photos, so please snap a quick shot of your student and add it to the announcement. Any college shirts or hats to show off yet?)
  6. Click "Post My Announcement".

Once you've submitted your announcement, a Patch editor will be automatically notified, at which point it can be featured on the homepage and in the next morning's daily Patch email newsletter. You may see it linked on Phoenixville Patch's Facebook and/or Twitter, too.

If you have any questions about the Announcements section or any other user-generated Patch service, email phoenixville@patch.com.

Thanks for sharing your good news with Patch. Best of luck to the Class of 2013!


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