Phantastic Phantom: Field Hockey Player Meghan Loughery

This week's Patch student profile features this standout sports star.

You can’t read anything about the Phantoms field hockey team this season without one name being mentioned instantly: Meghan Loughery.

Loughery, who has been on a torrid scoring tear through the league, has already recorded a hat trick and dozens of goals and she's wreaked havoc on Pioneer Athletic Conference (PAC-10) defenses during her career.

“Meghan is one of those players with a fire,” said Phoenixville head coach John Tornetta. “She is very athletic and has a great sense of the game. She plays well beyond her years in the smartness of her game.”

Loughery is like any other student trying to do her best to balance her studies, practice schedule and social life. Balancing three sports and a burning desire inside to be a league champion adds to the mix. 

As the diminutive junior gets ready to start the process of rooting through college applications and the scholarship offers that are bound to be headed her way, Loughery has a good grasp on what she wants to do. She hopes to attend a school in the city where she would like to play softball and field hockey.

“It would be awesome to go to school somewhere close enough that my family could see me play,” said Loughery. “I would love to study English and psychology, and really want to be a teacher some day.”

Like many teenagers, Loughery is no stranger to the Edward vs. Jacob battle royal and if she had her druthers she would line up on the side of the warmer wolf tribe as opposed to the “cold ones."

“A celebrity crush would have to be Taylor Lautner (of Twilight fame). He is, well, let's say cute,” added Loughery. “There is something about him. He is so good looking.”

The support of her mom (Peggy) and her dad (Rich) is something that Miss Loughery will always cherish and was quick to point out as we caught up with her. She explained that she would be nothing without the support of her loved ones and friends.

“My mom and dad have always been there for me,” said Loughery. “My sister Kristyn (23) got me started when I was little with me always wanting to play softball with her, so I was always playing with kids who were older than me.”

As the season continues and the Phantoms get closer to a playoff spot, Loughery will be counted on heavily to provide the offensive spark needed to get her squad to the summit of the PAC-10 field hockey landscape.

If our featured student had a chance to hang out in Philly or New York with a couple of “close friends," we would probably see her hitting South Street or Broadway with the likes of Taylor Swift, Sam Adams and of course any softballer’s idol Jennie Finch.

“I love my country, more than anything,” added Loughery. “To get to meet [USA softball Olympian] Jennie Finch, who has meant so much to me and Taylor Swift, who I love, would just be a dream come true.”

Wendy October 26, 2011 at 09:50 PM
CONGRATs Sarah....you did very WELL...


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