Bacon Brothers Come Home to Phoenixville This Weekend

Kevin and Michael Bacon bring Hollywood glamor and a passion for a Chester County cause home to Phoenixville Saturday night.

Phoenixville's own Bacon Brothers, yes THAT Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael are bringing their band to the Colonial Theater for a fundraiser.

They are playing a fundraiser for The Association of the Colonial Theatre (ACT) and the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust (FPCCT) Saturday at 8 p.m.. 

The pair of brothers grew up with their sisters in Center City Philadelphia but spent their weekends at their grandmother's Phoenixville home. They are nine years apart (Michael is the oldest and Kevin is the youngest sibling with several sisters in between).  Michael now splits his time between New York and the home he and his wife and children have in Phoenixville.

While Kevin's movie and TV career has made him famous, Michael is a highly sought-after TV and movie music composer whose work you've probably seen and heard without knowing it.

Kevin's notoriety is great for drawing crowds, but it's not always great for earning the band reviews based on their musical ability. Sometimes people think he's just trading on his on screen fame. The reality is that the younger Bacon brother has been a serious musician going back to when he was a kid and would tag along to watch his big brother play gigs "I like risks," notes Kevin, a classic understatement from an artist who's played challenging, unsympathetic roles in everything from The Woodsman to Sleepers to Oliver Stone's JFK.  "And there's nothing more risky about being a well known actor than playing in a rock band as well."

Causes hit close to home for these local brothers

The French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust (FPCCT) is a cause near and dear to the Bacon family's heart. "My grandmother was one of the first people to donate land to the trust many years ago,"Michael tells Phoenixville Patch. "The Colonial Theater, having spent my summers out here, is a big part of my memories of Phoenixville. I think it's been a tremendous energy source for the town because Phoenixville has had an enormous resurgence in the past several years and I really give the Colonial and awful lot of credit for bringing people back to Phoenixville and holding up a mirror saying 'this is a great town!'"

Ticket Information:


Orchestra: $100
Balcony: $75
Tickets on sale Wed, Aug 28 at 10AM.
General admission seating.
First five rows will be reserved for sponsors.
Tickets are non-refundable.
Call the Colonial Theater at 610-917-1228 if you have any questions

- See more at: http://thecolonialtheatre.com/2013/events/bacons-2013/#sthash.7qIrB8da.dpuf

Average Citizen September 27, 2013 at 01:15 PM
Wow...I ....can't...wait.... Actors that want to be rock starts, pro atheltes that want to be rappers, singers that want to be actors, etc...all bore the hell out of me, regardless if they are "local" or not. The Bacon Brothers are basically a garage band nobody would care about if Kevin Bacon wasn't the draw. I would rather have a side of bacon than listen to that garbage.


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